Thank You

 for requesting to join my FREE Clean Eating Group

Is the thought of clean (healthy) eating overwhelming to you? Not even sure where to start? I have been there where you are, not sure exactly what clean eating really was and overthinking it making it become overwhelming. I struggled with it because I was not keeping it simple. And that is why I host these groups, so I can help you learn the basics of clean eating and that it really is simple to start following and making it a lifestyle.

This group is to help you get started with a healthy eating lifestyle. It is a doorway into how to eat clean and make it simple and easy to do. This group is hosted on Facebook in a private group and you will have access to mychallengetracker app for your phone to track this as well or if you are not on Facebook.

You will get

  • access to my PRIVATE FB group
  • a meal plan
  • a shopping list
  • recipes
  • tips and information on clean eating
  • support throughout group to answer any questions you may have
  • and you may even get a workout to go along with it

My next group starts SOON

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Free Clean Eating Group

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I look forward to working with you and helping you learn to live a healthier lifestyle!