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Healthy Food at Sam’s Club

produce section in grocery store

Healthy food at Sam’s Club? If you have never been there you may be thinking that there’s no way they carry healthy foods you would buy. Well, they do.

No, I don’t buy all my healthy food at Sam’s Club. I have two main stores I shop at then have two to three others I go to for certain items or sales at times. But for bulk items, I get the majority of those at Sam’s Club.

The key here is to check the pricing at Sam’s to other stores for similar items. They carry name brand or their store brand of items and they are not always less than say the store brand of another store. But if you compare name brand for name brand they do usually beat others.


grocery bag with bell peppers


If you are on a budget and aren’t scared to buy off brands or store brands that is the route to go. There is nothing wrong with those. And it all depends on how you view clean or healthy eating. Some will only buy organic whole foods, grass fed, nothing in a jar, canned, frozen, or processed while others will buy mostly non-organic, foods that are canned or frozen, and slightly processed items. It’s all dependent on how hardcore you want to be. For me, I choose to eat healthy the best I can and what my pocketbook allows. And that means I do not buy all organic all the time and I do buy some canned and frozen items. But on to the healthy food at Sam’s Club that I like to buy.


The tip for buying healthy food at Sam’s Club or other bulk buy stores like Costco is to make sure you really need that large quantity and will you use it before it goes bad. If it’s just going to be wasted or sit in your pantry or freezer for a long time then you saved nothing.


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Healthy Food at Sam’s Club

These are my favorite finds for healthy foods in bulk.  Please keep in mind these prices are for my area so yours may be different.


Almond Butter 24 oz $9.98

Sam’s carries one that is only almonds and salt. Most stores have almond butter that has added oils and sugar, which you want to stay away from, which cost a lot more for less. You could make your own which is easy to do and I have done this on occasion. All you do is add about 3 cups of raw almonds to a food processor with an “s” blade and let it run for about 20-25 minutes. You may need to scrape the sides down a few times and when you think it’s never going to make “butter it seems to magically happen. If you prefer it a little sweeter then add your own coconut sugar.


Apples 5 lbs Organic Gala  $8.98 ($1.80 lb)

if you are going for organic apples then this is the place to go. It’s hard to find non-organic at that price per pound.


Avocados Large 5 Count Bag $4.98 -(99.6¢ each)

Usually avocados are around $1.50 to $2.00 each and on occasion, I do find them for .99¢ on sale, however, those tend to be half the size of those at Sam’s.



These you buy in a 3 lb bunch at $1.38 (.46¢ lb) for regular or $1.94 (.65¢ lb) for organic. While most stores do have sales on the regular bananas, it’s hard to find the organic ones at a lower price.


Beef Ground Large Roll 90% $2.99 lb

This is definitely a money saving find if you plan to use a lot of ground beef. They also have smaller packages that are $3.19 lb which is still less than other stores and I find the quality better. No, this is not grass-fed beef and they do have that as well if that’s what you prefer for less than most stores. 


Bell Peppers Colored 6 pack $6.98 ($1.17 ea)

Only once have I ever found the yellow, red, and orange bell peppers for less. Normally you will pay $1.69 or more each. If you are on a tight budget then you want to go with the green bell peppers since they are always less than the colored ones.

red yellow orange bell peppers



  • Dave’s Killer Bread 27 oz $4.58
  • Dave’s Killer Bread BAGELS $4.18

Now with bread, it all depends on what you want and are willing to pay for. Dave’s Killer Bread is really good plus it’s organic, non-GMO, more fiber, more protein, and no artificial anything and less than some “healthy” bread. If you are just looking to get whole wheat bread and not particular about ingredients per say then you can get an .89¢ loaf of that elsewhere.



  • Fresh 2 lb bag $3.98
  • Frozen 4-16 oz bags $6.98

This is where price shopping comes in and checking grocer’s circulars as this item can be on sale at another store you will be going to for less at times.


Carrots Organic Fresh Bagged

  • Whole carrots 5 lbs $2.98
  • Petit 3 lbs $3.98

These will depend on if you are going strictly by a budget or you’d like to opt for a little convenience that is still budget friendly

carrots in a basket


Cauliflower JUMBO $2.98

Cauliflower is sold for a set price and not by the pound. I have seen really small heads of cauliflower and some pretty big ones and you pay what the store sets for the price no matter how small they may be and usually they are not lower than $2.68 that I have seen. But you almost cannot beat the size of Sam’s cauliflower, especially at that price. I buy these and rice them myself and get 8-9 cups of riced cauliflower to use in various ways or throw in my smoothie.


Chia Seeds Organic 3 lbs $7.48

This is not an item you may opt for if you are on a really tight budget, but if you are looking to add this to your healthy arsenal this is the way to go.


Chicken Non-Frozen

  • Skinless boneless breast $1.88 lb.
  • Legs $1.04 lb
  • Thighs $1.04 lb

Packs vary by actual weight and these are individually sealed into servings so no need to separate yourself. You can find all of these on sale at other stores at times especially around grilling holidays and you may even find “buy one get one” specials.


Chicken Frozen

Skinless boneless breast 10 lb bag $17.98 ($1.80 lb)

This is another great healthy food at Sam’s Club. I buy two bags at a time to keep in my freezer. 


Chicken Rotisserie 3 lbs $4.98

Rotisserie chicken is great to have on hand for a quick meal. I love buying it at Sam’s Club because it is twice the size as others store for the same cost or even almost half the cost.



If you want a bit healthier without going for the expensive organic free range then they have

  • Cage-free brown 18 ct $3.48
  • Egglands best 18 ct $3.63

For a  large family to feed and aren’t concerned about free range and also have a large enough refrigerator then you may want to get the 15 dozen box, 15 dozen $23.65. If you have local farmers or someone who raises chickens you can get fresh yard eggs for good prices a lot of times.


healthy foods at Sam's Club text with fruit and veggies background



Flour – Almond Flour 3 lbs $13.98

This is by far one of the best healthy food at Sam’s Club finds for me since I am gluten free, Almond flour can be pretty pricey for a small amount so I’m happy to find this larger bag for this price.


Fruit Frozen

  • Mixed fruit 6-16 oz bags $12.98
  • Triple Berries 4 lbs $7.98
  • Blueberries 4 lbs $7.98


Fruit Fresh

  • Strawberries 2 lbs $3.98
  • Grapes 3 lbs $6.98 ($2.33 lb)

The fresh fruit I listed can be found for less when on sale at other stores but right now this is the best price and better quality



  • Raw unfiltered 44 oz $13.28
  • Non-raw 2-40 oz bottles $14.98


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Hummus 32 oz $5.88

Hummus is one of those items you can make yourself at home with less added ingredients although buying tahini can be pricey to start with, however, you will have left over to make more.  But if you choose to buy pre-made then this is a great buy.



  • Iceberg 2 pack $1.98
  • Romaine Hearts 6 pack $3.98

Another great find for me. For $1.00 more than another store, I shop at I can get 3 more romaine hearts.



  • Almonds whole 48 oz $13.98
  • Almond slices 32 oz $10.98
  • Pecans 32 oz $14.98
  • Walnuts 48 oz $14.98

raw almonds



  • Avocado oil 1 liter $7.99
  • Extra virgin Olive Oil 3 liter $18.98
  • 100% pure Olive Oil (higher heat point for cooking then EVOO) 3 liter $17.98
  • Coconut Oil organic virgin 56 oz $$13.98

I use oils when I cook veggies or anything really and I also add to my smoothies so I a larger size is ideal for me than the smaller ones at other stores that cost more.



  • Vidalia 6 lbs $4.98 (.83¢ lb)
  • Yellow 10 lb $6.68 (.67¢ lb)

Onions are a great way to add flavor and bulk up a meal as well for not a lot of money.



  • Pork loin assorted chops $1.98 lb
  • Pork loin boneless chop $2.68 lb
  • Pork loin tenderloin 4 pack $3.28 lb (leanest)
  • Pork center chop $1.98 lb
  • Pork loin whole $1.98 lb

For some pork isn’t even on the radar for clean eating but it can be healthy if you choose the lean cuts or trim the fat. These vary in full price depending on the package weight. I prefer the pork tenderloin myself, but for more budget-friendly options you can choose another cut. The whole pork tenderloin is a great price but you would need to cut it yourself.



  • Golden Red 10 lbs $5.98 (.59¢ lb)
  • Sweet potatoes 8 lb $6.48 (.82¢ lb)

cut up sweet potato on cutting board


Quinoa 3 lbs $9.98

If rice is something you may be trying to eat less of, quinoa is a great alternative.



  • Basmati 20 lbs $17.98
  • Jasmine 25 lbs $14.98
  • Brown Basmati Quick Cook 4 lbs $5.98

Rice is one of those staples many people use in their meals. If you use rice a lot then you may want to opt for the bigger bags, but if not then stick to the smaller bags elsewhere.



  • Pink Salt 38 oz $9.98
  • Sea salt (white) 36 oz $3.98

When you begin your clean eating lifestyle you will most likely come upon the use of sea salt and pink salt instead of table salt. Sam’s has the best price I have found on these.



  • Organic 8 oz $6.77-$7.98
  • Non-organic 21 oz $4.92-$8.98

When eating healthy you will find new ways to season your food and herbs and spices will do wonders. If you plan to use plenty of seasoning you may want to opt for larger sizes in the ones you will use the most. The organic spices and herbs are a great find here.

spices and herbs in jars and dishes



  • Mature (cooking) 2.5 lbs $4.98
  • Organic salad 1 lb $3.98

This is another great find I buy often as the salad spinach is at least $1.00 less than another store I shop at.


Syrup Pure Maple 32 oz $9.98

Maple syrup can put a dent in a pocketbook so I like it when I find a great price on it. You don’t need much when you use it so it will last you a while.


Turkey Ground 5 lbs $12.98 ($2.59 lb)

I use this in many of my dishes and great for the budget and at $2.59 a lb it’s a great find.


Veggies Frozen

They have a wide selection of frozen veggies at great prices and great to stock the freezer with these. I only buy these when the fresh counterpart is on the pricey side and the frozen is of more value


7 day written meal plan on teal background plus sign up link


There are many more choices for healthy foods at Sam’s Club and items do vary by area so you may find other items that are great to buy in bulk and great for the budget. I would love to hear what great finds you have found yourself so comment and let me know so I can look for them or request them at my local store.

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