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Empowering women to empower themselves.

 Welcome to Michele Taylor Fitness

I’m a mother of 3 (all grown) and now a raising my granddaughter. I’m a furmom to a spunky mixed american bulldog we rescued and 2 kitties.

My journey has not been easy or fast. I have had plenty of gains and losses and gains again. I grew up in a physically abusive home with a father who always made sure to tell me I was no good then abusive marriages.  I have suffered from depression & PTSD from being assaulted and then I was diagnosed with bipolar after trying to commit suicide, drinking, partying, just not giving a crap, trying to hide the pain with food and alcohol.

My highest weight was 286 lbs and I didn’t have some health scare to open my eyes, although that would have come soon enough. My turning point was when I was in a size 24 stretch jeans and they were getting too tight and I refused to buy a bigger size.  This is where my journey began and P90X was my fitness starting point when I decided to make a change.

Now I have new obstacles like Hashimoto (thyroid problem) and working through hip and back issues but I am determined to let my inner strength come through and guide me.

We all have a story whether we tell it or not or whether we actually know it or not. And the journey may be slow and long but the important thing is to keep going and never give up!